Remote Life Drawings 遠端速寫

2019, pencial and charcoal on paper, 1080HD

Remote Life Drawings is an animated collage of abstract images that illustrates the neighbourhood of Taipei Artist Village in Taiwan. TAV is located at the centre of four distinct districts that exist in harmony in central Taipei. I tend to connect the four districts by using morphing animation, presenting the vague and complex atmosphere around the village. 
Sound design& Music: Andy Chiu
Drawing Assistance: Agne Jurkenaite, Eunju Ara Choi, Rou-Hsin Wu

遠端速寫是我以抽象拼貼作為素材創作的變形動畫(morphing animation)。以觀察台北國際藝術村及週遭衝突又和諧的地域為素材,我將各地域代表性的地景代入畫面,跳躍時間及空間地串連起來。
導演:鍾承旭 Cheng-Hsu Chung
聲音藝術家:邱俊霖 Andy Chiu
上色助手:Agne Jurkenaite, Eunju Ara Choi, 吳若昕,黃建璋