Chelou- Wayward

2020, Music Video, 2D Animation

The music video for Wayward is a collaboration between me and Ricardo Cavolo. The video tells a colourful story of our personification of the Chelou character’s subconscious on a soulful and self-affirmative journey. Disillusioned and struggling to come to terms with his true self, he runs away travelling through many surreal scenarios, with delicate, lost and honest emotions. The journey sees Chelou come to terms with the fact that he can live his life simply free of fear and self-doubt.

Label: AntiFragile Music

Artist: Chelou

Director: Cheng-Hsu Chung

Illustrator: Ricardo Cavolo

Animator: Cheng-Hsu Chung, Dal Park, Dimitris Armenakis

Colorist: Dal Park